It’s officialy summer! Now we just need the sun to come out :)

Hi everyone!

I have exciting news…. I have finished ALL my exams! wahooooo. I had my last one today. German. And i am not going to say it was really easy because i feel like if i do that then i will jinx it and get a rubbish mark. So i am just going to say that i think it went well πŸ™‚ And now, i don’t have to work until september! I am still not exactly sure what i am going to be doing yet but i know i am deffinately going to college πŸ™‚ To have a fresh start and to get away from all my bad memories in school.

So now i have about two empty months on holiday and i have not a clue what i am going to spend my days doing. My sister is going on holiday with her friends to Zante soon and my other sister will be spending most the time with her boyfriend so my mum asked me if i wanted to go on holiday just me her and my dad. The thing is though, I don’t really want to :/ I mean, it might be a good think to get away from home for a while but i woulden’t feel comfortable. Mainly with the food situation. I am quite a structured person when it comes to meals. I have pretty much the same thing to eat everyday and i have to have them at the exact time otherwise i get really anxious. It’s not really a problem to other people when we are at home but it will be if we are on holiday and we have to do everything together food related. Also i have a terrible time eating with or infront of people. I can only eat infront of my mum because when i first started to eat more, she would always sit with me for every meal. I diden’t like it, and i still don’t like it now but i guess i have just got used to it. If anyone else comes in the kitchen while i am eating i will just stop of go somewhere else. :/

The other reason why i am so nervous about being away from home is because last year when we went on holiday i was quite ill. I wasen’t underweight but my family knew i had an issue with purging and i got so anxious that we wernet eating at the right times and we went out to restaurants quite alot which made me anxious. I burst into tears on more than one occasion when we where having a meal because i just wasen’t used to having different types of food because at home i literally had the same thing everyday except for my dinner changed. I just felt like i ruined it for everyone and my sister got really angry at me. She wasen’t really educated back then though. She knows alot more now. But i don’t think i am ready to go on holiday because i want to enjoy it and i don’t think i will :/

But i think my mum is going to take lots of time off work so she said she will do lots with me so that made me feel better πŸ™‚

What are you doing in the summer holidays? Going anywhere nice? πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “It’s officialy summer! Now we just need the sun to come out :)

  1. Yay thats great that you exams are over! When do you get your results?
    How is the plan going today?

  2. I get my results in the middle of August sometime. No one knows the exact date yet though which is annoying as i am not going to be going into school before then so i guess i will just have to find out somehow!
    I am managing to stick to the plan. I had a moment last night where i changed my lunch to a much lower calorie option for today as i have been eating “too much” recently and then i got all upset about it this morning. But my mum told me to try and stick to the plan as everything that is writtin down on it is good nutrition wise. So i did follow it in the end. No matter how big and sick i feel, i still followed it.. xxx

    • Thats when I get my exam results too πŸ™‚ so we can wait in anticipation together :L
      Well done, I really am proud of you for following it! Keep it up for the rest of today and tomorrow and then I’ll chat to you about it on Friday?! πŸ™‚

  3. Haha yea! I am trying not to think about it because i think i am going to be so dissapointed at my results 😦 Thankyou, yes i will keep following it and then we will talk on friday πŸ™‚
    Have you had a good day today? haha i just seen your newest post πŸ™‚ That is exactly how i am going to feel like until september to! Usually i am mad busy but now my schedule is going to be completely empty! xxx

  4. Don’t be disappointed because you’ve tried your hardest, and don’t put yourself down before you’ve even got your results- you might surprise youself!!
    Yeah, I’ve not really done much but I’m going out to meet my mum for a coffee soon! How about you?

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