First family therapy session and help me with anti depressants.


My day today has been totally rubbish. I have been a poorly pig practically all day! I had a nice long sleep till 10:30 and I woke up with a mild stomach ache. I thought it would be fine and it would just go soon. Hell was I wrong. I went downstairs to get breakfast and I was in absolute agony. Then after my breakfast of weetabix and painkillers I took myself upstairs and started to run a bath. I thought I would be okay after I had a bath but I was still awful so I lay in bed. And I didn’t get out of bed till 2:00. Result. My dogs were so cute though. They could tell I wasen’t feeling good and they both took it in turns to lie on the end of my bed. And then when no-one was in the house and I was left on my own, they both lay on the end of my bed together. What sweeties they are.

This was my lunch today:

Honey and parsnip soup with a slice of wholemeal bread.

Honey and parsnip soup with a slice of wholemeal bread.

It was absolutely yummy! Seasonal soup to get me in the Christmas spirit. And then after lunch, I had my first ever family therapy appointment. My mum came along as well and to be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect. I am glad to say though, that it actually went quite well! At the end of the session she said that she thought I had done amazingly well with all the talking. And I was quite happy that I managed to talk quite a bit. Mainly we just spoke about family relationships and we also spoke about the anxiety in the family. Like how anxiety affects the whole family and how people react about my illness and stuff like that. I think I felt a lot more relaxed than I do in a normal therapy session because it wasen’t all food related.

Also, last Tuesday my phschiatrist said he would give the family therapist information about the anti depressant he had picked out for me to take. So I got that today as well. I have had a little look and he has given me a choice of two. The first one is Mirtazapine which is especially good for sleep problems the leaflet says and then the second one is Sertraline which is good for anxiety.

Now, anyone who is reading this who has taken any of these medications I would really like some feedback. Did they work? Did they not work? Were they helpfull? Were the side effects strong? I have sort of decided that I don’t want to take Mirtazapine. This is because one of the side effects is increased appetite which causes weight gain. When I read this I did get a bit freaked out. So for anyone who has been on Mirtzapine particulaly, please tell me your opinions.


3 thoughts on “First family therapy session and help me with anti depressants.

  1. Don’t know about Mirtazapine, but I did get on well with Sertaline. The only side effect I had was that I couldn’t think quite as fast as normal. I actually found that was a good thing because it was harder to worry about things. I didn’t have as many bad thoughts because I didn’t have so much flashing through my head. If I needed to think about something more complicated it wasn’t a problem- it took a bit longer to get the answer but I’d get there in a slower calmer way of thinking.

    It’s sort of hard to describe thinking!

    Hope that helps, best of luck

  2. I have tried Mirtazapine and I found that initially it really knocked me out; I felt quite sleepy every evening after taking it, and sometimes a little through the day, but I didn’t experience any negative side effects. I’m not sure it did much for me.
    My GP is actually thinking of starting me on sertraline for anxiety, too, but I have no idea about it either.
    Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I hope you find something which really helps. xxx

  3. This is quite late, so I hope it’s still applicable?
    I’m currently on Sertraline (it’s called Zoloft in America if you want to search it more thoroughly). I’m on 50mg, which is the starting amount, I think.
    I’ve been on it for 4 months, and I went from never leaving the house and panicing every day, to being able to go into town, shop etc. I still feel anxiety but am able to deal with it.
    Tried 3 other anti-anxiety meds and I’m finally happy.
    4 months on, I only have a couple of side effects: brain fog (see below) and decreased sex drive
    Going onto it was a nightmare: nausea, diarrhoea, not sleeping, vomiting, and this crazy side-effect where you constantly have no jiggle/twitch/move – you just can’t help yourself. It took about 7 weeks to settle down. In hindsight, totally worth it, but at the time, it was hell!
    I totally agree with ‘Sparrowgrass’ – it creates what I call ‘brain fog’. I have trouble concentrating, remembering things, thinking of words etc. This is the only reason I haven’t gone up to 100mg. But I’ve found most anti-anxiety meds do this to me. One that didn’t was Citalopram.

    Not sure if this will help, but thought I’d put my 2 cents in. Good luck whichever decision you make!!

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