My day in pictures

Hello everyone

I have had quite a productive day today and I wanted to tell you all about it and show you some pictures. There has been a slight hitch however that I baked a cake today and I did a step by step of all the pictures but then me being me I FORGOT to take a picture of the actual finished product. WHO DOES THAT? Well, I got extremely flustered but I wanted to show you the pictures anyway and you will just have to believe me when I say it looked fantastic 😉

The ingredients before I gave them a good beating…
The ingredients after I gave them a good beating. Fact: cake batter tastes better than the actual cake just saying


Had to take a picture of my favourite Cath Kidston spatula didn’t I

This would be one of the sponges but then that’s as far as I got with the picture taking I’m afraid

And then other things that I have done today was I made two birthday cards:

Birthday card number one


Birthday card number two

And then I had to buy some cake ingredients, went to see family and wrote a pen pal letter oh and I made my dinner but no photo today because I am posting the recipe tomorrow. (if you follow my instagram then hello you have probably already seen said photo) and then that’s me, I feel very productive.

I hope you all have a lovely evening


Busy day :)


I can tell today is going to be really busy, hence why i am posting in the morning. We have got loads to do to get ready for the party this evening. I think we are going to be tidying the house alot of the day and then at six o’ clock, the cake will be brought here. My mum’s friend is making her cake because she is a cake maker 🙂 And i can’t wait to see it! From what i gather, it is two tiers and it is a strawberry cake. So it is going to look sooo nice. And then also at six, my dad is going to collect plates, cutlery and glasses from one of their friends because they own a fitness club and have an eating bit so they have loads of plates and stuff that they said we can borrow for the party. And then at half seven the food will be brought around. It is going to be a sort of buffet as it will just be like cold food so that would be good. and then at 8 o’ clock the party starts!

When i am older, i have always wanted to plan the food for partys and weddings and stuff because i just think it would be such a fun job to do. I absolutely love cooking and i love planning so it just screams me. Haha. And i take hospitality and catering for GCSE so i reckon i have a pretty good knowledge of it.

So i guess i am actually quite looking forward to this in a way. As i will be with my sisters so that’s ok. And there will be a tone of people around but if i just sit down quietly then hopefully i won’t get noticed as much 🙂 haha.

I will deffinately be taking a picture of the cake so you can all feel jelous. So expect a picture in tomorrows post! 🙂

This post is really, really short. Sorry if it’s a bit boring!

I hope everyone has a really good day! What have you got planned to do?