Basic baked oats recipe

Hello everyone,

So, I tried baked oats for the very first time this morning and it was incredible. It came out all crispy on the top and soft and gooey in the middle and I shall definitely be making these again and experimenting with different flavour combinations. I posted a picture of my baked oats on instagram this morning and I got a lot of comments for the recipe so for those of you that read my blog here is the basic recipe for my baked oats. I will also be trying out more flavour combinations and when I do I will put up another post for different recipes. But I thought I would just share with you the base recipe today and then you can experiment yourself with any flavour combinations and toppings you like.

Baked oats basic recipe:


  • 50g oats
  • 150ml milk of your choosing
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 1/2tsp honey/agave nectar/golden syrup etc
  • 1/2 a mashed banana

What to do:

  1. Heat the oven to 180 fan oven or 200 degrees normal. Combine the oats and milk in a bowl
  2. Add the mashed banana, sweetner of your choice (I used agave) and baking powder and mix until combined
  3. Spray an oven proof dish with fry light or use a little oil so it doesnt stick. (I actually forgot to do that and it stuck a bit but it came off easily when I soaked it in hot water and washing up liquid)
  4. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes

Enjoy 🙂

Before I put mine in the oven I topped it with the rest of the banana and then put peanut butter on top once it had baked.


Meal plan.

I feel the need to document this because I feel like the fattest person ever to have come on this earth. So here goes.

Breakfast: 40g porridge oats with 120ml of soy milk and a tsp of honey, grapes.

Snack: Soreen banana lunchbox loaf.

Lunch: 50g couscous with 1/2 jar of chargrilled vegetable sauce and 70g quorn chicken pieces.

Snack: Large banana.

Dinner: Two slices wholemeal toast spread with 2tbsp peanut butter, nectarine and raspberry yogurt.

Snack: Graze black pepper popcorn.

And I was going to have more to get me to at least near my calories but this popcorn has outdone me. There was literally SO much of it and I seriously don’t think I can fit another thing in me. What the hell is wrong with me? Im horrible 😥

It’s finally Friday!


I am so exhausted so I am looking forward to the weekend. Which is so weird me saying that because I am on my Easter holidays so I am not doing that much anyway. But I guess weekends are a change of routine so there is bound to be a change in atmosphere. Also it is my sisters birthday on Sunday so I am looking forward to making her a cake.

Todays breakfast:

Porridge topped with brown sugar.

Porridge made with milk and sprinkled with dark brown sugar. This was absolute heaven! And this was my first time trying Quaker oats (not the instant) and I really loved them. They had a much smoother texture to the ones I normally use and I made the consistency perfect first time around. I always have trouble with making my porridge too thick. I hate thick porridge so I think these oats are definitely a keeper.

After breakfast I had a 9:00 family therapist appointment. I have only ever been with my parents before so I was really anxious when I found out both my sisters were coming along as well. My mum kept saying “well it is family therapy” but it just all sounds a bit too scary for me. I don’t exactly get on that well with one of my sisters and I thought she was going to say some horrible things. She did say some things that I didn’t like but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Overall the session went okay and I have agreed for the whole family to come to the next session as well. I feel like that was a positive step which I have taken today and I am quite proud of myself. I have not been feeling as down today as I have recently so I am really happy about that. I know though that the depression will come back in full force tomorrow or tonight. I hate to be so negative but that has always been the way.

When I came home I just relaxed and watched some television. I then fixed myself up the most perfect lunch:

Cottage cheese and avocado wrap. 

This is a Mediterranean herb wrap filled with cottage cheese and half an avocado. I have been loving cottage cheese recently! I used to eat it and I forgot how good it tasted. And then I re-found my love for it because I realised that I probably wasn’t getting enough protein in and this stuff is absolutely amazing for protein!

After lunch I played with my bunny:

Rory 7. 

I forgot to tell you all but Rory is a fairly new bunny. I got him in February just before I went on holiday Smile with tongue out I saw him in the pet shop and it was love at first sight haha. I wanted him sooo badly but my mum said I wasn’t allowed him until we came back from holiday. I knew there was a 90% chance he would be gone by then so me and my sister devised a plan that she would care for him and take him out for exercise etc. while I was away. We told my mum and it worked, she let me have him! He is only about 15-16 weeks old so he is still only a baby but he is absolutely adorable. He comes to his name now and everything. Smile with tongue out

So that’s my day really. I haven’t really done much at all but then again I haven’t really been doing anything this week. I don’t feel so bad about it know though. Well I am trying not to feel guilty.

I hope everyone has a good weekend Smile

Another depressing day..


Today has been another hard day.. I am really sorry that I am being such a downer Sad smile I am just writing what I feel and I find that it does actually help me. So I woke up this morning and I made myself a nice breakfast of porridge. I love porridge and I haven’t had it in a while so it was lovely to try it again! I felt really guilty afterwards for eating it though. I had a shower and my tummy was sticking out SO much I looked pregnant.

My mum and I then went to the shop to get some food bits that I needed. I got really frustrated at myself because I wanted to challenge myself with a food item and I didn’t know what to choose and I burst into tears in the middle of the shop. I felt so horrible because four weeks ago I ate chocolate, pizza etc. no problem and now it’s a struggle to get anything inside me. I feel like such a failure Sad smile

After that lunchtime soon rolled around and for some reason I just could not get off the chair to eat. I managed it in the end after mum shouting at me. And then we went off to the garden centre where we brought back Rory’s (my rabbit) new hutch home. And I also bought him a new toy which he seems to be enjoying. And then the rest of the afternoon was spent sleeping and being depressed. I had my rabbit out with me and he usually makes me feel happier but he didn’t today. That was a horrible feeling.

It’s 8:30 now so I have had dinner and I feel okay about it. Not too bad but still very guilty. I am going to have to brave my evening snack though after I have finished writing this. I was in the shower this morning when I realised I have had such a BAD Easter. I have literally spent the whole period shut away in my room and not talking to anyone. My nan was down for a few days as well as she lives five hours away and I barely spoke to her which I do feel very bad about. I feel why can’t I just be happy? Why so I feel like this???? And why is it so hard to eat?

All these questions, all these bad thoughts running through my brain.

What do I eat?


I am rather nosey myself and love seeing what other people eat so I thought I would share some of the things I have eaten recently! This won’t be a full day or anything, it will just be random meals from any day but I think I am going to participate in next weeks WIAW 😀 I have been on a real cooking kick lately so I have been cooking a lot of my dinners so I will show lots of those.

So firstly breakfast pictures:

Weetabix with a sliced banana and milk.

Weetabix with a sliced banana and milk.

So my most common breakfast is some type of cereal with milk and a banana. I absolutely love Weetabix and also sultana bran is a favourite as well. I also love anything and everything to do with peanut butter. Crumpets are the best things ever:

Crumpet spread with peanut butter and a banana.

Crumpet spread with peanut butter and a banana.

I have been experimenting a lot with my breakfasts recently as they are all a bit samey so I came up with this a few weeks ago:

Apple and cinnamon overnight oats.

Apple and cinnamon overnight oats.

This was my first time making overnight oats and I topped it off with peanut butter. I did like it but I am still searching for my perfect breakfast! I know breakfast is a lot of peoples favourite meal but for some reason I don’t really like eating in the mornings so I just like to grab something quick.

Now for lunch. My lunches vary a lot which I love.

Baked beans on toast.

Baked beans on toast.

One of my favourite lunches at the moment has got to be baked beans on toast. I have that one a lot 😀 Another lunch I have quite a lot is soup:

Homemade spiced carrot soup.

Homemade spiced carrot soup.

I made this one out of a book that only has vegetarian soups in and it was really nice. Im really trying to make my own food now as cooking is such a hobby of mine. It has its downsides now as I do get VERY obsessed.

Mediteranian herb wrap with onion and chive cottage cheese, sweetcorn and quorn ham.

Mediteranian herb wrap with onion and chive cottage cheese, sweetcorn and quorn ham.

This is a lunch that I have just come up with recently. It is so nice and I have forgotten how much I love wraps so I will definitely be having more of them in the future!

And now for some dinners:

Homemade quorn shepards pie with sliced tomatoes.

Homemade quorn shepards pie with sliced tomatoes.

I have this dinner quite a lot and it’s probably one of my favourites. We have a quorn book in my house and it has recipes using all the quorn products so that is where I got this from. And I like it because the mashed potato has parsnip in with is so it gives it a nice taste.

Homemade bean and pepper stew with couscous.

Homemade bean and pepper stew with couscous.

This is one of my new recipes that I have tried out. I have recently bought a vegetarian cookbook and it’s great because all the recipes are under half an hour and there are variations for each one for ten minutes, 20 minutes and thirty minutes. I really liked this stew and it is definitely one I will be making again.


Homemade sweet potato curry on chapatti.

Homemade sweet potato curry on chapatti.

My last dinner is another recent recipe find. I loved this and I absolutely love chapatti- I have every curry with them.

And of course there has been some snacking going on:

Hot cross bun loaf spread with peanut butter.

Hot cross bun loaf spread with peanut butter.

Hot cross bun with spread and a hot chocolate.

Hot cross bun with spread and a hot chocolate.


Cadbury's mini egg nest cake.

Cadbury’s mini egg nest cake.

So that is about all what I eat. I am rying my hardest not to stick to being “healthy” all the time. I am still recovering and I must be okay eating a few “treats” once in a while. I do find it tricky, especially right now but it’s all part of recovery!

What I ate- food diary.

Hello 🙂

Before I go into this I just wanted to say that unfortunately last night I did purge. Im not angry at myself in any way because I know these things do happen. I guess I am a bit scared though because at one point I went for a very long time without purging and now it seems like I can only go for a couple of weeks. Also every time I do it I say to myself oh that’s the last time, just try and pick yourself back up now. But I always end up doing it the next day and I remember about a month ago when that happened my dad found out and that’s how I stopped. So I am just worried that I will do it again today and then tomorrow and then it will all escalate.. 😦

Moving on, here are my meals from yesterday 😀 I love doing these what I ate posts but it seems like I eat way more than lots of people do on here. Like bigger portions.

Fruit and fibre with a sliced banana.

Fruit and fibre with a sliced banana.

Starting with breakfast I had a bowl of fruit and fibre and then I sliced a banana on top. I love this cereal! I have never had it before but I needed cereal when I was in Sussex so I discovered this one and I really like it!

Baked beans on toast, grapes and a go ahead bar.

Baked beans on toast, grapes and a go ahead bar.

Then for lunch I had baked beans on toast. And then I always have a fruit and a snack with my lunch so this time I had a bunch of grapes and a blueberry yogurt breaks go ahead bar.

Hot chocolate and a cake bar.

Hot chocolate and a cake bar.

For my afternoon snack I had Cadbury’s highlights hot chocolate and I also had a Cadbury’s milk chocolate cake bar.

Mushroom ravioli.

Mushroom ravioli with tomato and basil sauce.

And then for dinner I had mushroom ravioli from Waitrose with their tomato and basil sauce. My friend reccommended me this and I absolutely love it! I really wish I had a Waitrose close to me now! And then afterwards I had an apricot activia yogurt. My favourite yogurts 😛

Apricot activia yogurt.

Apricot activia yogurt.

And then for my night time snack I had a slice of cinnamon and raisin toast and I spread it with peanut butter and I also had an apple as I haden’t reached my five a day!



Cinnamon and raisin toast spread with peanut butter.
Cinnamon and raisin toast spread with peanut butter.

And that’s all what I ate yesterday. 🙂 Gosh, it looks like an awful lot now that I see it like that :/ I hope everyone has a good day today. 🙂

Food challenges.


As you know I have been to my nanas house which is in Sussex for a few days. It’s a five hour drive so quite far away from where I live. And we went because my nana and my cousins usually come to stay at our house for Christmas but they couldn’t this year so we came to them instead. So we only went for a few days. We left on Thursday afternoon and then we have just got back today (Sunday).

While there, I have faced some pretty big challenges to do with food. I actually found the journey pretty hard to deal with as well. It’s like when I am doing nothing then all the ED thoughts come flooding into my head at full force. We left the house at 5:00pm so I took some soup in a flask with me to have in the car. It was horrible. Because the car was moving and I had my head down looking at the food I just felt so sick and then afterwards I just felt so full and extremely bloated. That’s when the ED thoughts crept in and three hours after I had actually eaten that I was still ridiculously full. Thankfully when I got to my nans I felt a bit better and didn’t act on any of the urges that I had.

And then the next morning, on Monday at breakfast time there wasen’t really much choice of food in as I haden’t been shopping yet to select what I wanted. So I had a big fuss at breakfast and it was all quite hard really. There was no wholemeal bread and no cereal. So my mum just went and put down a piece of white bread in the toaster which I had a massive freak about. I did eat it in the end though and it wasen’t one of the procesed loaves, it was from the bakery so it was extra scrummy.

After breakfast we went to waitrose where I bought loads haha:

  • Mushroom ravioli
  • Tomato and basil sauce
  • Vegetarian chilli with rice
  • Vegetarian casserole
  • Quorn pasta bolognaise lunch pot
  • Kit Kats
  • Go ahead yogurt bars- blueberry
  • Eat natural “lunchies” banana and apricot bars
  • Fruit and fibre.

I was so excited because nearly all of that list I have never seen at home before so I was buzzing haha. And then in the evening I saw my cousins who live in Sussex. My nana had cooked a big roast dinner but they arrived so late that no-one ate till about 8:30. Luckily I ate earlier so that was good. I was worried that someone would say something to me and think that I was a bit of a pig for not being able to wait, But I had an excuse lined up in my mind for if that happened and no-body said anything anyway!

And then on Saturday morning when we had breakfast, that was an even bigger challenge. Saturday was the day that we went out to London on the train and we went out to the national science museum. So I needed a big breakfast with all that walking around. So I had a bowl of cereal and then my mum said I should really have some toast as well. And then my sister said why don’t you have a crossiant. She wanted me to have a croissiant the day before but I said no. I thought to myself hmm I would like to try a crossiant but the fat content is ever so high. And then I thought to myself well everyone is allowed a treat once in a while and my family were having two of the large croissants so just one wouldn’t hurt. So I ate it!!

It turned out to be a really good day at the museum. Except we left a bit too late so we arrived at 2pm. It didn’t really turn out as a problem in the end as a few hours in the museum was enough as we did get tired so quickly. And then we got back today at about 4:40pm. I did have a good time but I am actually really glad that I am home now.

Something did bug me and upset me a little while I was away. It was whenever I would eat something my nana would always make a comment on it. Like ooh that’s a nice yogurt, ooh look what’s in your basket or you have found hot chocolate. She wouldn’t say it quietly either, she would almost shout it. And I did get quite annoyed at one point. I would rather she just left me to it than pick up on every single thing I ate or even touched. She would just put toast on for me when I tell her not to. And it’s frustrating because I am well enough to be able to make my own decisions now.