Never ending depression.


Sorry for not ever posting consistanly. I just want to warn you that this post might be a little depressing as that is exactly how I am feeling right now.

Basically, I am having an on-going battle with my depression. One minute im fine and I just want to stop taking my anti depressants and then the next minute I am tired, irritated and basically all I want to do is lie down on my bed in my room. Depressing, I know. Well, I don’t really like taking anti depressants just because I don’t agree with them. I just don’t think it’s right even though I know they have helped loads of people. I have been taking mine on and off ever since I got them really. Right now I am back on them. I only have been for ten days though so they are not working yet.

I stopped taking them about a month ago for about three weeks just because I felt fine and dident think I needed to take them anymore. And then slowly I was falling into that depressed state of mind and feeling so hopeless and not knowing what to do ever. Until adventually I decided to give them another go. Sixth time lucky? Well I actually feel awful this morning. It’s taken me about an hour to just get up and I just feel so hopeless and useless.

I don’t even know what the point of this post is to be honest.. I am not even able to ramble on like I used to 😦

I hope everyone has a good day today and maybe I will post this evening.